Retour en 1984.

J’avais 9 ans, et autre chose à faire que me trémousser sur les dancefloors de l’époque.

Néanmoins, grâce à Thomas et la NOISY CHRONIC de la Royal School of Arts, j’ai découvert ça;

ça mériterait pas un bon Sunday Classic chez FYM ?

Je cite the Red Room

For some reason all the best tracks for me seem to come from ’83-84. Another case in point…

« Somebody To Love » is a cover version of the famous song by Jefferson Airplane.
And a kick-ass version at that. CafР№ Society, a mostly studio band, « were one of the most successful white South Africa acts of the mid-80’s. »

« The band, featuring Julia Jade Aston of the defunct Working Girls, is the brainwave of multi-instrumentalist singer and producer Costa Anadiotis, formerly of Fantasy, once one of Johannesburg’s foremost club dance rock bands. » (Top 40 magazine, September 1985)